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TRE4X4 New Products —— Air System / Tire Repair Kit are available now !

2019-02-11 14:51:20

The AirMAX Digital Tire Inflator reads in 1% accuracy and 0.1 PSI Resolution, it also provides accurate readings from 0 to 200/250PSI single digit pressures. When you drag race, rock crawl, mud bog, especially driving off road, it is essential to get accurate low pressure readings. The back-lit digital display and LED light even lets you read and work easy in dark.


Easy to inflate or deflate tire and measure the tire pressure

Measure tire pressures from 0-200/250psi

Reads in 1% accuracy, 0.1 PSI Resolution

LED display monitors air pressure in PSI, Kpa, bar and kg/cm

LED lighting equipped


It is necessary to use TRE Diff breather kit if you take your vehicle thru water above axle height at any time. It allows the diffs, transfer case and gearbox to breathe by relocating the breather to a higher point on vehicle and stopping the affect of water being sucked into diff housings and gearboxes.


4 port system , including fittings for front and rear diffs, transfer case and gearbox

Full stainless steel fitting design

The breather housing can stopping mud, dust and water from splashing up.

easy and simple installation that can be done within a few hours.


Soft Shackle is an essential part of any recovery kit.TRE Soft Shackle is manufactured using UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene). Used in place of traditional steel bow shackles, TRE Soft Shackle provide a lighter, more versatile, and safer option. It’s rugged and strong.


62000lbs breaking strength, suitable for vehicles up to 15000lbs

Safer than a Steel shackle when used correctly

Brightly colored RED so it can be seen in low light or in mud

Water resistant & Floats

Light weight and won’t rattle

UV Resistant properties

Double PVC protection


TRE tire repair kit is ideal for repairing punctures in the tubeless tires of Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawnmowers, Tractors, Bikes, Jeeps, Trucks & Cars. Includes everything you need to quickly repair punctured tires on sedans, bicycles, SUVs, tractors, and almost all tubeless tires.


Strong & Durable: This kit is built to last.

67 Pieces: This kit has everything you need to make repairs easy and keep your tires working tough.

Easy To Use: Color photo instructions simplify the repair process


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