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Philippines Tuff Truck Challenge with TRE Products

2019-03-29 18:52:05

There is nothing quite like the art of off-roading!

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Philippines Tough Truck Challenge is a most extreme off-roading competition 

involves participants driving their personal rigs through a hardcore course of pits, cliffs and dirt, while vying for the best time.


The exciting off-road racing event consisting of modified trucks going around a course filled with different jumps, bumps and turns.

All off-roaders run one at a time, with the quickest time winning.  Sometimes events feature trucks two at a time for added spectacle.

Every Off-roader has a common goal —— To cross the final line under countless eyes with passion and admire.


With the sponsor of TRE4x4 ,

All warrior and their monsters show everyone their wild and power .

The prize of the winner, provided by TRE, is waiting for it's hero at the other side of the finish line.

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