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Malaysia Autoshow 2019 – International Automodified (IAM)

2020-01-03 13:23:52

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Marking the 19th year since its inception, International Automodified (IAM) will hold its first collaboration with Malaysia Autoshow in April,2019.

 IAM is ASEAN’s Largest Car Tuning and Lifestyle Show Series, with more than 3000 cars participating last year in 18 cities across Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, making it the only automotive event ever held in three ASEAN countries.


At its core, IAM is not only a public exhibition of cars in various modification styles, but it is also a competition with more than 90 categories, regularly judged by international and independent experts from USA, Indonesia,Thailand and so on . 

IAM also feature HINGirlfriends and Photography Competition, as well as performances from the country’s top DJs.

International Automodified (IAM) are exhibiting various modified and customised cars at the Malaysia Autoshow 2019.

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

Automotive industries in the region have been constantly developing, along with the supporting aftermarket and lifestyle industries. 

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

This Show Series is hold in JOHOR KERETA DADU on 8th to 9th,December.TRE’s malaysia dealer also is the exhibitor of IAM INTERNATIONAL AUTO MODIFIED 2019 -JOHOR KERETA PADU.

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

Companies or businesses that are looking to introduce their products/services to the automotive lifestyle crowd will benefit from IAM, as it is simply the most experienced, proven, and cost-effective choice around!


In the Future, TRE will keep providing more professional 4x4 products to let the customers enjoy the pleasure of off-road!!

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