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TRE & II EXTREMO MIJAS 2019 in Spain at 23, November

2019-11-14 10:38:43

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The final of the Andalusian championship and the final of the Portuges championship will have a battle in November 23th and 24th. 

There will be 60 cars and around 5000 participants from Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar and other countries.

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

Caex 4x4 and ciset 4x4 in the same match!!! The best of both competitions in a circuit full of surprises. And there will be many drivers, companies, public and media.

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This modality includes several categories, from series cars with some improvements to prototypes. All take place in this sport.

As much as if you want to come to Participate or public to enjoy the atmosphere.

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The first edition of the 4x4 Extreme Championship of Andalusia will be held, which will consist of a series of tests framed 

in the 4x4 Extrem category in which teams grouped in a total of four categories will participate depending on the level of preparation of the vehicle.

tre locker|crab locker|tre4x4|off road

TRE4X4 will be event with their image and colors!

We hope to see you there !!!

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